About EWD

Welcome to my shop. I am happy you stopped by. I hope you like what you see and if you decide to get something, you will enjoy it as much I did while creating it! Every piece I have created in my home studio is one of a kind. I do no replicate pieces unless requested, but can't guarantee to the replica to look the same, since each piece is unique.

EWD is about my passion and what I enjoy the most - designing and creating pieces that a woman can wear and feel as special as the piece she is wearing.

It started as a hobby... Started when I couldn't find a piece of jewelry I wanted to wear with a certain outfit. I said to myself, why don't make it? I knew exactly what I wanted, so I did it! It was a successful project. Later on, I have to credit Gayle, my mother in law. She was the one that got me into beading again. Then one of my girlfriends asked me to make some jewelry for one of her friends and she wanted to pay me. After that I started selling my creations. Almost two years later and a 10 months daughter, I was able to make it official and Erika Williner Designs was born.

Just in case you came across my former shop (Argentum Creations), here is the history behind. Argentum means silver in Latin, which also happens to be the name of my home country, Argentina. This shop and the items I create are a celebration of my roots and everything I have learned while being raised in Rafaela and Santa Fe in Argentina and the many adventures and amazing anecdotes from the array of travels around the world.